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Little Plushies Of Love
little plushies of love

All big things begin small.

Piccoli started with one plush horse. Next we added more colors and sizes of the world's most huggable horse. Now, we offer even more plushies.
More for you to love.

Meet Chrissy and Topher, Piccoli's new donkeys


Horses — A little bit of talking

Horses talk to each other with more than just words. They neigh, snort and whinny. They communicate with their eyes, ears, taste, and sense of touch and smell.

Invite Piccoli horses into your playtime and let your imagination run wild.

New companion products coming soon — educational app and book.
Barn Owl

Owls — A little bit of reading

Many cultures associate owls with wisdom. We do too. Piccoli owls love reading. So snuggle up with our barn owls and learn how to say I love you in French — Je vous amie

New companion product coming soon — board book


Foxes— A little bit of sleeping

Foxes snuggle with their young in cozy dens. They sleep all day while our little ones learn and play.

Human pups also need plenty of sleep to help them grow up big and strong. Tuck your little ones in each night with one of our super soft foxes.

Companion products—Handmade quilts available now and new Arctic and red foxes coming soon.

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