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Horse name registry

What's in a name?

In the equestrian world, the “show name” is the official one. The name you are about to discover for your Piccoli pony is the only one in the whole
Piccoli world. Ever.

Every one of our plush horses gets a unique name because names matter.

Name code in saddle pocket

Steps to discover your pony's name

1.) Flip over saddle to find the hidden pocket
2.) Read the printed code
3.) Click the button below:
Click HERE to Discover My Horse's Show Name
Color printed show name certificate

Each horse comes with a certificate.

Print your horse or unicorn's adoption certificate from your own printer or we can mail you one.

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Horses & unicorns get unique names.
Piccoli can mail you a certificate.
Give your horse a nickname.
Print certificate from your home.
Piccoli Horses Logo

Together the herd is strong.

Horses are kind, empathetic and protect each other. There is power in their bond.
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