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June 3, 2021

The Creative Process

That was my childhood: A game created from my imagination that all of us could play.

I loved recess. My favorite memories in elementary school happened during recess. Playing outside was heaven to me! I would create new games for me and my friends to play every day.

That was my childhood: A game created from my imagination that all of us could play.

There were no video games in our home until I was almost a teenager. Pong and then Pac-Man. I was terrible at both. And I’m still terrible at video games!

Instead, I loved gathering with my friends and dreaming up some new adventure. Sometimes we might solve a Nancy Drew mystery. Or sail away to a faraway island to discover new things.

Other times, we might climb trees and pretend to be heroes. We became a bigger version of ourselves for a brief time each day.

I don’t have any great words of wisdom. I’m only sharing with you a glimpse into my childhood. I am telling you that the little Kimberly has not changed very much from the Kimberly I am now.

Today when I dream with my friends, we create horses and seahorses. And sometimes, our horses fly. When I imagine games with my friends, we create games which let children play, run, laugh and learn together.

Not a whole lot has changed — I’m still creating and laughing with friends as we create a more beautiful world.


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